Human Soul Ties

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What Is A Soul Tie?

Human relationships can be a little taste of heaven or a little taste of hell, depending on the health of the relationship. Often we experience unhealthy relationships because our soul is trying to get another person to meet our needs. People do meet some of our needs for companionship, comfort, love, etc. But when we look to them as our Source of Love – that’s when it becomes unhealthy.

When we become intimate with someone – whether emotionally or physically – we build a bond with that person. We draw strength from the connection. This is what forms the foundation for family and a sense of belonging in a home or community. Some refer to this bond as a soul tie.

There are healthy soul ties and unhealthy soul ties. A healthy soul tie enhances your life – it makes you a better person, it provides strength and support for you to become all that you can be. You might see this kind of healthy soul tie between a husband and wife or between a parent and child.

Unhealthy soul ties have a negative effect on your life. You feel tied to someone in a way that sometimes pulls you down or holds you back. At one point in your life, the soul tie might have been a source of strength, but now it is not. Often this happens when a child grows up and the parents (or the child) have a hard time letting go. The child wants to move on with their life, but they feel a tug or pull to stay close to mom or dad. This can happen even if the person is no longer living – their memory or their desires for your life can still pull on your heart in an unhealthy way.

Another common unhealthy soul tie is with a person with whom you had a past intimate relationship. This could be an old boyfriend or girlfriend, a past roommate or even a best friend. Someone that you spent a lot of time with and shared your life with – especially if you were physically intimate with this person – there’s a good chance you have a soul tie with them. If the relationship is over, but you still have a reaction whenever you hear their name or you still dwell on memories of them, it is likely there is an unhealthy soul tie there. Some part of you is still connected with them and it may be holding you back from fully enjoying your life now.

Soul Ties

Here are some common symptoms of an unhealthy soul tie:

  • You feel emotionally tied to the other person even when you do not want to be.
  • You can’t stop thinking about the person even though the relationship is over.
  • You have an emotional reaction that is unpleasant when someone mentions their name or if you run into the other person unexpectedly.
  • You feel like you can’t move on with your life; you feel tied to the past with the other person.

Can you have both an unhealthy soul tie and a healthy soul tie with the same person? Yes, you can. Breaking the unhealthy soul tie can bring freedom to the relationship so that it becomes stronger and healthier for both of you.

Some of the benefits of breaking an unhealthy soul tie are:

  • You experience inner peace (instead of turmoil over what they may think about you).
  • You feel free to express who you really are.
  • You can make decisions that are best for you, without the pressure to conform to someone else’s expectations.
  • You are able to move on with your life (if the relationship is over).

 hands bound together

Forgiveness is an important part of breaking an unhealthy soul tie. If you are holding a grudge against someone, it ties you to them emotionally. Forgive them from your heart and let it go. Then you can break the unhealthy soul tie. If you try to break the soul tie, but you don’t forgive them, you won’t be able to break the power they have over your life. You’ll still feel connected to them, even if that person is someone you’d rather forget. If you need help choosing to forgive (you know you need to, but you are having trouble), here’s a helpful article (look for PDF download).


How to Break a Human Soul Tie

When you are ready to break an unhealthy soul tie, here’s how you do it. Say these things OUT LOUD.

1. Forgive them: “I forgive _(name)_. I release him/her from the harm he/she caused me. I let it go.”

2. Break the tie: “I break the unhealthy soul tie between me and __(name)___. I send back any part of their soul that I have kept and I take back to myself any part of me that they kept. God, please wash me of this connection and restore my connection with You in this area of my soul.”

Excerpt from Freedom through Forgiveness: The Power of Forgiveness Can Change Your Life, Second Edition © 2012. Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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  1. It was a really long time before someone mentioned these to me and it clicked when I read it the first time. To me, it just makes sense. We are constantly giving and receiving from each other all the time without realizing it.

    I said the prayer a few different times for people in my life now, and that have been, and each time I felt some peace. I know that it will take time, and some are more painful and have larger wounds because I cried at a couple but just felt peace at some.

    This article has come at the right time in my life, the way God always seems to work of course. Thank you. =)

    • Thank you for sharing, Mary. I am glad you felt peace when you broke soul ties – that’s a wonderful benefit. 🙂

      One person who had a LOT of soul ties to break told me that after they had broken them all, they felt like puppet strings were being cut off of them and they felt freer than they ever had in their entire life. Each person’s experience is different. I’m glad you tried it!

  2. I am wondering if I have a soul tie with a Godly man that I have mostly only contact with over the internet and a little on the phone. I’ve seen/interacted with him only 3 times in person and it was never in an inappropriate way, in fact it was to do ministry. I am on his ministry team. He has been a very positive influence in my life and brings me closer to God. But then there is this other side to it where I am very attracted to him and think about him CONSTANTLY. I am married and so is he, so I would very much like to rid myself of these feelings towards him. Does this sound like a soul tie? It doesn’t sound very typical to me. I don’t understand how these thoughts have gripped me so strongly with minimal contact.

    • Wanda, thank you for your comment. It could be a soul tie – ministering with someone can make you feel very close to them because of the spiritual connection. I am glad this man makes you feel closer to God. But obviously there’s a problem since you feel that your thoughts are on him too much. Try using the soul tie prayer at the end of this post to break any ungodly soul tie. Then whenever you think of him, ask yourself – what is it I’m looking for in him? Very often the thing that makes him so attractive to your emotions is that he represents some aspect of Christ that you need (for example, gentleness or compassion). I would suggest you open your heart to the Lord and ask Him to meet that need in you – spend some time soaking with Him. I’ve done this and it has helped me many times when I realize what I’m so drawn to in another person is simply Jesus in them! I hope this helps. Thank you for reading this blog. P.S. Here’s a link to explain what I mean by Soaking:

  3. Thank you for this

  4. Trevor Nadile

    Yes this is timely teaching on the topic soul ties to bring light and understanding into the church & set the people free.

  5. I need to be free of this man completely.. I think of him everyday from the moment I first met him in May 2017 . I have never in my life felt this way and I don’t like it . I don’t like myself for feeling like this.. he keeps reminding me that we will always be connected. Our parents have history up until my mother died . Sadly to say I’m a married woman

    • Sheila, thank you for your response. You can break your tie with this man and “close the door” so that he stops bothering you. First, you might need to find out if some part of you secretly “likes” this connection or feels drawn to it. Oftentimes that happens are we are not willing to admit it to ourselves because it wouldn’t be “proper”. I’m not saying this is true of YOU, I’m just saying this is often why it keeps happening. Ask the Lord to show you if this is true and He will. Once you are ready to completely sever this connection, break the soul tie (out loud) and then in your mind/heart, see a doorway between the two of you and close that door. Lock it and seal it with the blood of Jesus. Then refuse to allow your thoughts to dwell on him – when you dwell on him in your mind, you are opening the door to him again. Anytime he comes to mind, just say, “NO!” and imagine that closed door again. Immediately distract yourself by calling a friend, listening to music or doing something that consumes your attention. Ignore his attempts to connect with you and he will leave you alone. I hope this helps! And thank you for sharing your story – you are not alone. This is a common problem and many people do not know what to do to stop it. God bless you, Sheila. ❤

  6. Tina Sanderson

    I really believed that God had brought this person in my life. I prayed through the friendship. I prayed as we entered into a relationship. The last seven months were awesome. Out of nowhere he seemed to disconnect and I found myself in a one way relationship. He says we were not over but every form communication, I initiated it. I tried to break it off and found myself heart broken and attached. I heard two men of God talk about Soul ties and something clicked. I deleted my media page and said the prayer out loud. My heart is broken but I’m glad that I did it.

    • Tina, thank you for sharing your experience. I am so sorry for your pain and disappointment. You deserve better. I’m glad you took the step that felt right in your heart. That is very important – to honor yourself and what you sense is right for you. If you had ignored that, you would have become resentful and eventually it would have ended anyway. I’m sorry he did not reciprocate your interest. It happens, even to the best of us. You are not alone. A good partner is out there for you – you can trust God to bring him at the right time. ❤

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