Resources I recommend
Here are some music as well as audio books and video teachings that provide more information on this topic – they are not in any particular order. Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments below. To purchase or get more details, simply click on the image or the link provided. (Some have affiliate links that help support this website.)


Messengers of Fire – JoAnn McFatter

Messengers of Fire

This is an awesome “experiential” album. Put this on, close your eyes and see what happens next! When I play it, I literally feel the “shift” in my living room.  The album was recorded live at a worship conference. The CD cover says: This unique CD features a totally spontaneous journey into undiscovered territory. Listen as you hear the King arriving with His heavenly procession. Hear angelic hosts entering the room with an impartation of holy fire! The whole church was caught up in a swirl of glory as He “branded” us with His fire and called us His own! This CD takes you on a journey into the Throne Room and into heavenly realms of God’s Glory!

Julie True – Spirit to Spirit

Spirit to SpiritThis is my favorite “soaking music” right now. It is very peaceful. Julie sings, but it’s very calming and not distracting. In fact, I find that it helps me to focus on the Lord. I often leave it playing quietly in my living room. Whenever I pass by the room, it ministers to my spirit. One of my clients said she listens to it with her headphones as she falls asleep and it helps her sleep better. Julie True has many albums – check out whichever one you are drawn to. You can listen to clips on Amazon – click the album title above and it will take you there.

Alberto and Kimberly Rivera


The Riveras have many albums of “soaking music”, most are “live” albums. I really enjoy their music – most of it has singing, some are instrumental. Each one has it’s own “tone” – so listen to clips to see which one fits the mood you are looking for. Sometimes the singing distracts me – sometimes it is exactly what I need. I’ve heard them in person and they are really authentic – it comes through in their recordings as well.

Laura Rhinehart

RhinehartLaura Rhinehart’s music is “deep” water when it comes to soaking music. Her first album, The Soaking Room, is really amazing. When I put this album on at soaking parties, people often groan (in a good way) because they know they are going to go deep into God’s heart for them. It’s very good, but not for those who are used to shallow waters. Better to start with one of the albums from the Riveras and work slowly toward Laura’s albums. [By the way, Laura is Kimberly Rivera’s sister.]


Nurturing Your Spirit by Arthur Burk – Amazon link
This series is life changing – Arthur Burk brings to light concepts of soul and spirit that I have never heard anywhere else. I’ve listened to it several times. It will amaze you how things “make sense” after listening to his teaching – things that never made sense to you before. Do you know how to tell if you are operating out of your soul or out of your spirit? Did you know there is a difference? I certainly didn’t. Yet learning this difference has made a HUGE difference in my life and my walk with God. I highly recommend this series – especially listening to it with a friend so you can talk about it with someone.

Developing a Close Relationship with God: A Simple Method – link

DCRG Course pic framed 640x473

I’m really excited about this online course – it can help a lot of people who are struggling to develop a close relationship with God. They need encouragement and hope – that’s what this course provides. If you took the course, you’d learn how to focus so you can pay attention to God without distractions. You’d also learn to recognize His voice and become familiar with the different ways that God communicates. You’d practice recording what God has said to you each day. This would give you confidence to take action on what He tells you to do. That’s quite an adventure! Lastly, you’d have a new appreciation of what it means to really TRUST God.

It’s very short – like 15 minutes a week for 4 weeks. And it’s not expensive. You can listen to it while you drive or even when you exercise. It provides simple exercises to help you interact with God.

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear: A Simple Method to More Peace – link

Course ImageThis short course teaches a very simple technique to help you overcome and break through any fears you have – it’s very powerful!! It also offers practical ways to cultivate more peace in your daily life and especially how to recover more quickly from unexpected stressful situations.


Sapphire Blessings app – link

This app is full of really deep content and tools to help you in your walk with God. This is Arthur Burk’s archive of spiritual insights that have helped so many people find peace and freedom in Jesus. There is a small subscription fee ($4) and it’s really worth it for all the teaching you have access to, plus new content weekly.


Audio Books

The Veil by Blake Healy – Amazon link


The Veil is a refreshing look at the gift of “seeing in the Spirit”. Blake Healy is from Bethel Church in Atlanta. He has been seeing the unseen realm with his natural eyes since he was a toddler and never knew this was unusual … until he started being tormented by his visions. Thankfully, he encountered Christian leaders who helped him understand his gift. Now, he helps others fine tune their own gifts of perceiving the unseen realm.

I enjoyed the book – it’s mostly stories with several golden nuggets of wisdom thrown in. I highly recommend it – it’s a good read. In the back he has some exercises to help you fine tune your gift – simple & practical. To read my full review – go here.

Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby – Amazon link

Experiencing God is a WONDERFUL book – no, it’s a wonderful experience! It is the kind of book that “reads” you. I was thrilled when I started reading this book – I had finally found an author that described God the way I experienced Him. Then I discovered the workbook and went through it with a group of friends (the most recommended way to read it). LOVED IT! Then I did it again with some young Christians who were eager to grow. Then I had two older ladies ask me to meet with them and go through it. Then my church offered it as a class and bought the DVDs of Henry Blackaby teaching the material to supplement the reading. So I attended the class.

Needless to say, even though I have been through the material over and over, it never gets old. It is great for anyone who wants to draw closer to God, to understand how to do things WITH God and how to follow His leading. Truly, I highly recommend this book to every Christian.

Experiencing Father’s Embrace by Jack Frost – Amazon link
Experiencing Father’s Embrace changed my life. I had already been a Christian for over 25 years when I read it. Jack Frost had an encounter with the Father’s Love that changed his life. The book is mostly about his experiences and how it changed him – as a pastor, as a father and as a husband. For me, God used it to make some things “click” in my heart that I had never realized before. One line I’ll always remember – “You have already received all of the love of God that you will ever receive.” That told me that when I felt unloved, then something was deceiving me because I already had all the love of God I needed in my spirit – where the Holy Spirit was. The challenge for me was figuring out how to access it so I could FEEL it. Thankfully, the Father showed me how to do this and now I can’t imagine living without daily access to His love. I highly recommend this book. There are also some DVDs available of Jack Frost teaching this material at a conference. I watched them – they are also very good.

Victory Over the Darkness by Neil Anderson – Amazon link

Freedom from Darkness and Evil Spirits

This is a great book for those who suffer from the oppression of darkness. The author makes the “freaky” not so weird. He explains the supernatural unseen realm in a way that makes it understandable. This book really helped Andrea find validation for her spiritual gifts of being able to sense the unseen realm. It is full of Scripture for those who are interested in what the Bible says about the spiritual realm and our authority over darkness.

Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson – Amazon link

Freedom from Darkness & Demons

This is another good book by Neil Anderson on the supernatural realm. He explains how we get entangled with darkness and how to get free. He gives specific guidance for how to deal with irrational feelings, negative thoughts and unhealthy patterns of behavior.



Steps to Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson – Amazon link

Steps to Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson

This book is really powerful – I know many people who have seen instant results when they prayed the prayers in this book! I have heard benefits such as not having nightmares anymore, being able to think clearly, being able to concentrate, understanding Scripture for the first time and experiencing tremendous peace. It is suggested that you read Victory Over the Darkness (listed above) first so that you understand how to do the steps in this book.

I have done these steps and I have helped other people do these steps. If you are new to the Christian faith, I would recommend you find someone more experienced to help you go through them.

What are your thoughts?

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