I will post here the questions I have that are still unanswered – either my own or submitted by readers.

If you have an answer, please feel free to post it in the comments along with the Question Number so we know which one you are trying to tackle.


1. Why am I harrassed at night by unseen foes – even after I have prayed to cleanse the house of any unwanted spirits, closed any open doors and asked for God’s covering and protection? It feels peaceful and safe when I go to sleep, but then invariably I will awaken to something or someone in my room. The air feels tainted. Sometimes it will give me nightmares.
a. Why is this possible?
b. What other steps do I need to take to prevent access to my home when I’m asleep?
c. Or is this just part of being at war (the enemy can sneak in and take advantage of you at will – just like in natural war)?

2. What are the “rules” of the unseen realm?
a. Do beings in that realm have to get permission (from whom?) to show themselves in the visible realm?
b. Are there consequences if they don’t follow the rules?

  1. RandomBeliever

    There definitely are rules to the unseen realm that we don’t completely understand. I actually came to Christ due to my involvement in the occult. I sifted in some of the more real aspects of black magic (Not completely realizing what I was doing at that moment in time) and actually had an evil spirit reveal itself to me and attempt to possess me, it was utterly convinced it had me. I have no doubt that the type of things I was messing with (I’d rather not say because the information is dangerous) granted the entity some level of “permission” to attack me even though I certainly didn’t extend an invitation. Needless to say my doubts about religion disappeared and I accepted Christ right there. 3 days of hard prayer and fasting, inability to sleep because of a relentless assault……it finally ended, Christ won that battle for me.

    I’m convinced that there is some type of spiritual and/or emotional vibrational aspect to it (Allowing yourself to be dragged into negative states of consciousness will obviously make you more vulnerable the more negative it is). As you said elsewhere on your blog, I get a vague intuitive sense of what some of these general rules are although I can’t put my finger on why I’ve came to all those conclusions. Very nice blog you have here, I encourage you to keep posting.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. I’m glad you found freedom from that spirit that tried to possess you. If you have any other insights, please feel free to share them. πŸ™‚

  2. RandomBeliever

    Thanks :). Not much else I can share that you or others probably don’t already know. The only thing I think that’s worth emphasizing is that we really have to watch ourselves when it comes to sin. The evil part of the unseen realm is always looking for ways to keep is in as low of a state of consciousness as possible. A little fit of road rage, sexual lust, worrying about paying the bills, anxiety about this or that…….anything that keeps our minds off of God and keeps us feeling negative. We’re much more likely to sin in a negative state of mind and it becomes a cycle of behavior that’s hard to break and keeps us distracted from what’s really important and effectively disables us spiritually. Prayer, repentance and discipline are so important.

    These are things we already know but don’t guard enough against as Christians. Look how negative so many Churches are these days. Stuck in negative states of mind, repeating the same routine over and over, pointing the finger at each other, judging each other, and completely oblivious to the unseen world that’s all around us……even though it’s existence is a core fact of the faith.

    • I like this line, “anything that keeps our minds off of God and keeps us feeling negative” – well said. Distraction seems to be one of the primary assignments, at least in our modern culture. Thank you for sharing that insight.

      Yes, so many churches are negative – it makes me sick. How is this a demonstration of the LOVE of God? I thought that was the main message of Jesus, “For God so loved the world…” yet I have rarely seen that demonstrated by people who call themselves followers of Christ. It is very, very sad. I just read Rob Bell’s new book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God. He explains that it is easier to point fingers at others than to deal with our own “shadows” within. He especially pinpoints pastors and political leaders for helping to “stir the pot” to get groups of people focused on an external “enemy” so that they don’t have to notice how bad things are for themselves.

      You have good things to share. If you’d like to send me a story to post, see the tab above on guest posting. You don’t have to have a blog to be a guest poster. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello I have a question. I dated a guy in the past who had a santeria bracelet that broke when he met me. He said he spoke to his brujos about it and they said that would mean we are always connected and it freaked me out. I am Christian now, but that thought still scares me. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

    • Alellis09, thanks for your question. That seems odd: his bracelet broke = we will always be connected. That doesn’t make sense unless that bracelet was some kind of prayer to find a mate. However, you speak of him as being in your past so obviously whatever spell was there was broken. If you want to make sure you break any “unseen” connection between you and this man, you can break soul ties with him. First, ask God to show you if there’s anything you need to forgive him for. Then say out loud, “β€œI forgive __(name)___. I release him from the harm he caused me. I let it go.” Completely forgive from your heart – don’t just say the words.

      Then say this out loud to break any soul tie you might have with him.
      β€œI break any unhealthy soul tie between me and __(name)___. I send back any part of his soul that I have kept and I take back to myself any part of me that he kept. God, please wash me of this connection and restore my connection with You in this area of my soul.”

      I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  4. Yesterday I was severely slimed – I guess- a woman came up to my table & I became very dizzy. This is the work of “The King of Terror” or death. I know this already – I know how to remove dizziness – but there must be more – having, somehow, to do with deliverance for the carrier.

    • Chris, thanks for your comment about “sliming”. That’s a great reference to the Ghostbusters movie – and it certainly feels like that when it happens to you. LOL πŸ™‚
      You said, “there must be more” and I agree. It has been my experience that the more healing I receive internally, the less this “sliming” affects me. In fact, sometimes I am not affected at all and that is a WONDERFUL feeling. I’m glad you know how to remove the effects of being slimed. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You need someone with both greater knowledge, & more importantly, greater authority, to clean you house. You can also break a valid seal by letting things into your home – demonic things, witchcraft things. You may also need to anoint every opening – doors, windows, drains, vents, etc., in your home. I have also “walked” around the perimeter of the property to seal it – including igniting a ring of fire around the perimeter (yes, a little exotic).

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