Spiritual Cleansing: Taking a Spiritual Shower Each Day

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Spiritual cleansing is very important. Occasionally, I see a book that references house cleansing, but rarely do I see any instruction on a personal level. Let me share what I mean. I’ll start with examples of house cleansing and then conclude with personal cleansing.

I had a friend call me when he moved into a new place. He was renting a room from a Christian couple and he wanted to have the house “cleansed”. I don’t recall the details, but I believe the couple had been experiencing some unusual disturbances in the place. When they mentioned this to him, he asked me to come over and help them pray. He knew I was very sensitive to the unseen realm and that perhaps I could assist them.

We prayed prayers of cleansing all over the house. We played worship music while we did this. We put oil on our hands and anointed each window and door. We commanded that anything evil that was there would leave. After this process, both my friend and the couple that were living there said they felt more peace in their house.

I had another friend call and ask for a similar “house cleansing”. She had lived in this particular apartment for some time, but had recently had some bad experiences upstairs in her bedroom. She felt an oppressive darkness and felt something was there, but couldn’t see anything. She asked my brother and I to come and help her pray. We did many of the same things – anointed the doors and windows with oil, played some worship music while we prayed over the house. We even brought worship banners and waved them in different places of the house to remove any “spiritual dust”. Honestly, I don’t know exactly what this does, but it does seem to shift the atmosphere in the house.

Finally, we went up to her room. My brother and I immediately sensed a specific place of evil energy in her room. We went to it. She was amazed because she had not mentioned where it was in the room. My brother sensed there was an open door or portal above the foot of her bed. The Holy Spirit gave him some other insight into why it was there. She prayed some specific things in reference to this and then “closed” that door. We checked on her a week or so later and she said nothing else had happened since we prayed. She was at peace.

My husband and I often pray a general prayer of cleansing over our house before we go to sleep at night. “Lord, would you please remove anything from our house that doesn’t belong here.”

We also pray for personal cleansing, “Lord, please wash us off from anything we might have picked up today.” Believe it or not, most times I actually feel different after this simple prayer. I’ve also made it habit of praying this whenever I suddenly feel weird – irritable for no reason, heaviness without a cause, etc. In fact, we have become so accustomed to the feeling of peace in our home that if either of us gets a little cranky, we pray this for each other. It seems to “clear the air” and keeps us from being influenced by the enemy’s contaminants.

People who have never done this often ask me all kinds of questions about it. I tell them I just do it intuitively – whatever “feels” right as I listen to the Holy Spirit and pray. Because I am so sensitive, I know whether a prayer is effective or not. One minute I feel the tension in the air and then after we pray, it is gone. I don’t know exactly how it works. I just do it, like a little child.

On a humorous note, one night when my husband was very sleepy, he was praying and he said this: “Lord, please wash us off and wash off the house. Wash the cars, the yard and the dog.” I burst out laughing. I said, “Did you just tell the Lord to wash the dog?” I couldn’t believe it. I guess it makes sense – he was trying to cover all the bases. It just sounded very funny to me to ask God to wash our dog. πŸ™‚ However, I remembered that there was a time when Jesus sent a bunch of demons into a herd of pigs so I guess that means you can have a dog that needs to be washed from any evil contaminant.

Do you have any specific ways you like to “wash” in the spirit? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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  1. I really enjoyed this segment there’s nothing God can’t do

  2. Thank you for this insight. My daughter came to me asking for help, but when she entered I felt great unease. She said this specifically, “Mom, you’re my last hope”. Was not sure what was meant at the time, but later learned she had bought some books on witchcraft and spells. I raised her a Christian, but seems she is now a reprobate, I suspect it has to do with the woman who basically took her man (husband actually) & he subsequently took (legally) her children. The woman she allowed into her life is a Wiccan and had I known what all my daughter was becoming involved with I’d have been asking this sooner, to wash her.

    She is also in a mindset that would be called mentally ill as she manifests 2 personas and claims to be another person as well as claiming that other person owns my home in a trust.

    Please pray for her.

    • Eileen,
      I’m sorry to hear about what is happening to your daughter. I will pray for her tonight – and for you as well, to have wisdom to know how to love her. It sounds like she has experienced a tremendous amount of pain. When someone has multiple personalities, that is usually a sign of very serious trauma. Try not to be too hard on her … she needs a lot of patience and love. And a good counselor to support her in the healing she is looking for.
      God bless you both β™₯

      • Thank you for praying for us. She is currently not in my home, but is in custody and I have been asking that she be given help to deal with this. I do not have bad feeling toward her, only about what happened. I love her very much and this makes it harder for me, but God is with both of us even though she is where she is. I think my pleas have been answered as the DA is trying to get her into a facility to give her the help.

  3. How do you close portals in your home?I had a dream an saw a door in my living room.I have been very scared since.

    • That’s a good question, Jennifer. I am sorry that this experience has made you afraid. Yes, I can understand why.

      First, ask the Lord why the portal is there. Wait and see if anything comes to mind. He may be showing you something that needs to be addressed in your home. Ask Him what the open door is. He will show you.

      Then ask Him how to close it. There may be something specific that has happened or is happening that has given this door permission to be there. If so, you may need to pray for forgiveness for opening that door (either for yourself or someone else who opened that door or created that portal).

      Once the reason it is there has been resolved and taken care of – then you can just close it by saying, “In the name of Jesus, I close this portal. I seal it with the blood of Jesus.”

      I am assuming that you know Jesus and can speak to Him about this. The Holy Spirit dwells in you and will give you the answers you need. If you do not know Jesus yet, I encourage you to open your heart to Him. He can give you the authority to close that door and give your home the protection you need so that you won’t feel afraid anymore. You can learn more about meeting Jesus at the bottom of this post.

      • Thank you for the quick respond.My mother and other family members are cultists.I use to see them in my home in dreams until I started anointing home in the name of the father Yahova,his son Yahshua and the holy spirit.They are against my life because I am a christian and God exposed them to me so I cut them off.Now they are against my life.I recently did a house cleaning and got rid of their pictures or anything with their names,an any decor or designs that attract devil’s.The next day I feel the suicide thoughts are gone,my foot pain is 90 percent better, I have more energy.God is real.

        • Jennifer, thanks for sharing – that’s quite an experience you’ve had. I’m so glad the suicidal thoughts are gone and your foot is better. Yes, God IS real and He loves to help us when we ask Him to. ❀

  4. I did not know anything about spiritual cleansing – I have recommitted my life to Jesus and was baptized on September 6, 2014.

  5. My thoughts are to simply to say THANK YOU for sharing. This is amazing! So helpful in my learning and walk with God!

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I often do a spiritual cleanse of my home and body as well. I find it very beneficial!

    Through the years, I have cleansed my teen rooms while they were out or at school…especially when they were being rebellious or just weird and I could not figure out why. Along with praying in my heavenly language, I would use a self made mixture of cleaning spray. It was simply water, Rosemary and Frankincense essential oils. I would spray it like Lysol as I prayed. It did shift the atmosphere and my kids would straighten up! Lol! I did not tell them until they became young adults.

    I also did it quarterly in our home like spring cleaning. I would open the doors and windows as well…commanding “anything that does not line up with the Will of God to leave, In the name of Jesus!” I even would tell it… it was not welcome and to command it to get out!!! Not sure what “it” was but “it” left. Lol! Most people and kids who entered our home always said there was a peace resting here and loved being here.

    Also, I do cleansing baths. Just by adding epsom salt and essential oils to the bathwater. 5-10 drops of Rosemary oil is the primary oil used …along with others. I pray, mediate and soak for about 20 mins. Its a very refreshing feeling when you get out and you do feel cleansed. I do this after being around many people…like in hospitals, funerals/burials, Nightclubs and jails…if you go there. I learned this from a Attorney friend many years ago.

    Sometimes the spiritual things we do may seem foolish… but I do know it works!

    • Lady K, thank you for sharing your experience. I am so glad you did that with your teenagers. Yes, I’ve told parents that it really helps clear out rebellion and other questionable things teens get into – and it helps the kids, whether they realize it or not! I’m glad your home is a peaceful place – I’m sure your children appreciated that while growing up. God bless you and keep up the cleansing! It makes room for more of the presence of Christ in our homes. God bless you. πŸ™‚

  7. Tecia Thompson

    I do not take baths but I have been taking hyssop cleansing in the shower. Is this effective?

    • Tecia, thank you for your question. Cleansing is a matter of the heart, it’s not so much based on what you use. The hyssop is not “magical” – it does not have power to cleanse you from spiritual contamination. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. Hyssop is mentioned in the Bible so some people like to use it for that reason.

      Only you can decide if it is effective – do you feel better afterwards? Do you ask the Lord to cleanse you and wash you off of anything you picked up that day? That’s what really counts! πŸ™‚

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