Spiritual Protection from Dark Forces & Evil Spirits

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When I was new to the idea of confronting spiritual darkness, I met a couple who seemed to have a little more experience in this area. The wife could discern whether an object had a curse on it by holding it in her hand. The husband could discern spiritual activity (angels & demons) – he said he saw them like comic book characters.

When I met them (nearly 20 years ago), they reported having some experience in helping people get free of oppression from dark forces. I had very little experience so I listened to what they had to say. They seemed balanced – not flaky like other Christians I had known. They taught me some things that I still use to this day.

One of the principles they learned (from experience) was spiritual protection. They reported having really bad experiences of “backlash” after a ministry appointment unless they specifically prayed for spiritual protection. I have incorporated the prayer they taught me with other prayers the Holy Spirit has impressed on me from time to time.

Whenever you directly confront darkness or dark forces through prayer, intercession or in a ministry setting (i.e. praying for someone who is oppressed by evil), afterwards it is a good idea to pray something like this:

“I bind all Retaliation, Revenge, Retribution and Jealousy from off of me and everything associated with me. I cancel all witchcraft and any soulish prayers prayed concerning me or my family. I close every open door to the enemy’s realm and I seal them with the blood of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for your protection. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Obviously, there is no set formula – you can adapt or revise this prayer to suit your own needs. I have added some parts to it over the years based on my own experience. My friends used to call this “binding the three Rs”. Later they learned that they should add Jealousy. The 3 Rs is still a shortened way to refer to this. My husband and I have also found it helpful to pray this on a regular basis, regardless of what kind of ministry we have been doing lately.

Sometimes when we leave a specific location and are on the way home, I will feel impressed to “cancel any trailing or lingering spirits”. Sometimes I will get a specific impression to “cut off all communication devices of the enemy” and I may also cancel “any watchers or listeners”. A friend of mine has seen watchers and listeners – they are creepy. Just like in a real war in the natural, you might have these elements, right? So it makes sense to me that you might need to pray specifically against these in the spiritual war we are in.

Another couple I know have a habit of praying a “golden dome of protection”. This is particularly helpful if you are in a setting where you feel uncomfortable in your spirit, but you do not want to leave. I have prayed this at a restaurant, for instance. I ask God to fill this dome with His presence around our table and remove anything that does not come from Him. Immediately I feel at peace and I feel comfortable staying at the restaurant. It feels like a personal “force field”. I have found this very helpful and have used it when needed.

How about you? Have you found any specific prayers of protection that have been helpful? If so, please comment below. It is good for us to learn from each other – we all get stronger that way.

Many people are not aware of the importance of spiritual protection against “backlash” and they suffer from lack of knowledge – would you please share this post in your favorite social media as a way to bring awareness to this issue? Thank you! 🙂

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  1. I have questions that maybe you can help me answer. I was 18 when I experienced this but have had a life of what I can only explain as bad luck. I was 18 and my step dad had past myself and my ex husband was at his home lying in bed. Anyway the room was dark but there was an unrelenting darkness coming from the corner in that spot it was so dense and dark you could have cut it with a knife. It was not like anything I have ever experienced the hairs on both of our necks stood up and you could feel the evil. I have never before felt anything like that and haven’t since. However since I have gotten older I find this entering my mind recently and I am looking at it like a learning experience where few ever experience it and I truly know there is a God and Devil out there. I have found myself in the past 7 years gaining more spirituality I am not perfect; I have faltered several times but my heart longs to have a close relationship with my maker and savior. I was wondering if you could maybe pray for my protection because I feel there are forces out there who wish me harm and would like nothing better than to see me fail.

    • Michelle,
      Thanks for your post. I will pray for you. You said you had questions that you were looking for answers for. What are your questions?

      I’m sorry you had this negative experience. I can relate. Evil often tries to intimidate us by doing this sort of thing – making us feel afraid in a dark room. I have experienced this many times. I have learned how to deal with it. Now, if it happens, I know what to do to make it leave. 🙂 I can teach you this, if you wish.

      I agree that there are forces who wish you harm. You are not alone. If you draw near to God, He WILL draw near to you. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He is Love. When in doubt, always follow the path of true love – the kind that is unconditional and is self-sacrificing.

      If you would prefer to email me privately with your questions, you are welcome to do so. Some things you may feel comfortable posting on a blog and some things you may wish to keep private. My email is kingdomwalker2 (at) gmail (dot) com. Or you can post your questions in reply to this message.

      God be with you.

  2. Psalm 91 is a excellent prayer, written by Moses.
    I have found this extremely important. The military use this a lot.

  3. I likes the three ‘Rs’and they look like strong prayers. I thank GOD – I wish to protect myself and my family more because there are people who are against me and wish me evil, not to succeed in my life. Thanks

  4. Juanita Sylvia Luna Rogers

    I apply a hedge around me,over me ,and under me. I draw a bloodline of Jesus around our property and bind evil from entering. I plead the blood over the lines coming into my house,water,electricity and such.

  5. Thank you for this article. I really learned a lot especially on my end who just started this ministry. Please post more prayers for deliverance ministry – this really of great help. Thank you!

  6. I like to pray out loud in my house every day. I read out Psalm 91, 27 and 121 as they are my favourites. Then I say the Lords prayer (Our Father) & ask the Holy Spirit to come. And I pray protection over myself & my family. I had a bad experience with someone I worked with who was trying to do spells on me – which hasn’t worked, of course. Glory to God!

  7. I never realized how important it is to break off these things after warfare. I’ve done plenty of it over the years and always wondered why I got massively attacked from all sides and was hammered. It was horrible – I had this victory through Christ but always seemed to be robbed of it. Now I break all this off and actually pray harder and warfare more after the victory. I find that I used to become complacent and a little slack because I was tired from warfare and that’s when satan hit me the most.
    Now I have stopped doing that and by breaking these things off and praying harder, I have come closer to God and become stronger and have not been attacked so severely. But I still have to work on it. My mind automatically drifts away and from God when a battle has been won and then satan moves in without me seeing it. Great article thankyou.

    • Rachel, thank you for your comments. I’m so glad you have learned to protect yourself after spiritual warfare prayer. Please share with others what you have learned so they can protect themselves. You may want to share this post in your favorite social media as a way to bring awareness to this issue that many people are not aware of. If you have any stories of your experience with the unseen realm that you’d like to share, we are open to “guest posts” from other believers. This way we can all learn from each other. God bless you! ❤

  8. I am hoping someone may have some suggestions on how to help me. I have had a history over the last 25 years of dealing with various kinds of demonic attacks. This started at the time of my conversion back to my faith. Over the years I have had incidents of things being moved in my house, doorbell and knocking sounds during the night, hearing an evil voice saying threatening things to me, religious items being knocked off my walls, and now lately, a hissing sound during the night when I’m tired and most vulnerable. This keeps me awake, off and on all night and I’m exhausted the next day. I’ve also had many dreams involving demonic attacks on me, very vivid dreams. I have tried everything I can think of to stop all of this but no matter what I do, the attacks start up again. I have periods of peace, sometimes days, weeks or months, but then it starts up again in some form. I moved a few years ago and it’s still happening so it doesn’t seem to be associated with the place, but somehow with me. I have prayed, used all forms of sacramentals, holy water, blessed salt, blessed medals, the rosary, crucifix, religious music, etc… and whatever it is seems unaffected by it. The attacks may stop temporarily but they always return. I have prayed binding prayers and prayers to break all curses and to remove any authority that the demonic may think it has over me but it always returns. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on what I can do to end these attacks.

    • Robert, I am so sorry to hear how you have been tormented for so many years! I can’t imagine what that must be like. I have experienced attacks like you described where it keeps you up all night, always making a sound just as you fall asleep each time. Very annoying! I have gotten a little creative and said out loud, “I bind the spirit of noises that is trying to disturb my sleep!” and it works, even though it sounds kind of funny saying it (LOL). I am sorry these things keep happening to you. I would recommend 2 things: 1. Visit a specialist that can help you “close” any open doors that may be allowing these things to attack you personally. 2. If that doesn’t stop the attacks, they may be related to a generational issue on your bloodline. That requires someone with specialized knowledge and training in this area. I will send you an email with my contact information if you need help finding these kinds of people. In the short term, I highly recommend listening to this video each night before bed. There’s something special about the prayer the man prays at the end. It has been helping me sleep so much better. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLZFxxIAnKE. I will be doing a post on this video soon because it has been such a powerful help to many people. God bless you, Robert! Thank you for reaching out. 🙂

  9. So good. I have not felt comfortable in my house in a while. The Lord has put upon my heart that I need to do a spiritual cleansing in my house for the next three weeks. Every day. So I came back from a trip and I did the spiritual blessing on my house, but I have no idea if it worked or not. So any information you can give me is going to help. And then I also did the spiritual backlash per after I did the spiritual blessing which I think is a pretty good idea.

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