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Many people open doors to the realm of darkness without even realizing it. Could this be happening to you? Or to your children?

I am amazed at how the simplest things that we take for granted, things we do on a daily basis without thinking too much about them, can open a door to fear – one of the most powerful strategies of the enemy to rob us of peace and joy.

Because I am so sensitive to the unseen realm, I pick up on these easily. I feel them or sense them – as soon as something walks in through the “open door”.

What do I mean by “open door”? An open door is an opening in your mind, will or emotions that accepts, tolerates or entertains a thought, a feeling or a choice. You can open doors to goodness in your life by inviting good things to come to you, good relationships, good thoughts and of course, the Source of all Goodness = God. You can also open doors to the opposite of goodness – fear, hate, dark thoughts and feelings, death, chaos and confusion. The choice is yours.

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What I do is look at the source of something to determine what is likely to come through that door. For instance, we all read, listen or watch the news each day. Many news stories are very negative – they play up the fear and violence in such a way that you are left with a very bad feeling. Often they purposely show you grisly images and once you see something, you cannot “unsee” it. It’s very hard to make it go away – that’s an open door and something has walked through it right into your mind.

The same dynamic can apply to anything you read, watch or listen to – blog posts, movies, books, television shows, websites, podcasts, music or any other type of media you encounter. Anything that plays upon your imagination can open a door in your soul to darkness – this happens even with what appears as “children’s entertainment”. Don’t assume that because it’s for kids that it is automatically “innocent”. Have you noticed how dark some of the more recent movies for kids are? I am shocked that parents take them to see it assuming it is okay because “it’s for kids”.

The good news is you can also open doors to things that are good, peaceful, uplifting, inspiring, kind and joyful. Notice when you watch certain tv shows or movies – do you feel better after watching them or worse? For instance, I had a client once who had terrible insomnia due to anxiety. I asked him to try something – don’t watch the news before bed for 1 week. He came back beaming and he looked so much more at peace. It worked! He was shocked that simply choosing to keep that door “closed” in his mind before bed enabled him to sleep better than he had in years! 🙂

The one door we need to be very careful with is any door to the supernatural realm. There are websites, tv shows, movies and books that are all trying to capture our attention with the attraction of the supernatural realm. Most people have a fascination with the supernatural realm because it’s exciting, mysterious and unknown. There’s some kind of power there and we wonder how we might experience it.

There’s also danger – we can feel it. When you mix power and the unknown realm, you intuitively know there is some danger – maybe that’s what makes it exciting. It feels intriguing, doesn’t it?

This is where extreme caution is needed. As the meme says above, “You have been given great power. Use your power wisely”. If you open a door to darkness and evil, don’t think it won’t affect you or that you can control it. You are dealing with something very cruel and very ancient. You would be better off never opening a door to it. What you are looking for does not exist behind that door.

The truth is we ARE supernatural beings. We do have power. And we can tap into it – but not in the realm of darkness. It is meant to be used in the Light or it will destroy you. It looks tempting and easy, but in reality it is the worst decision you can make.

What can you do if you realize you have opened a door to darkness? Simply close the door! You can say out loud, “I close every open door to the realm of darkness in my life.” Then pay attention to where you opened that door and don’t do that again. Maybe you need to change the type of music you listen to or movies you watch. Maybe there are people in your life that encourage you to open doors that you know you shouldn’t. Pay attention to this and take action to keep certain doors closed. Your heart will thank you.

If it is all around us, how can we avoid it? Don’t allow yourself to be charmed by evil. Don’t entertain any interest in darkness – you know what I mean. Anything that brings darkness into your life is not worth it in the long run. You’ll be much better off if you leave that door closed and seal it shut.

You can also pray a prayer of cleansing at the end of the day – I do this often. We are constantly bombarded by things trying to get our attention. We can get dirty by being exposed to these things and we need to wash off. Here’s an example of the kind of prayer I pray before I go to sleep at night:

“Lord, please wash me off from anything I might have picked up today. Please remove anything from our house that doesn’t belong here. I close every open door to the enemy’s realm and I seal them shut with the blood of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for your protection. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Do you have any open doors in your life that need to be closed?

Feel free to comment below about your experience with opening and closing doors in the unseen realm.

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  1. Stephanie Howell

    I love the article – it was so helpful! I learned that sinning in an old way opens doors and needs to be replaced with new behavior. For me, just being in a movie theater where evil movies are shown can be an open door. I was attacked spiritually at Starbucks – I could see and sense a demon trying to scratch my face. It took a while to sink in – I have not been there since.

    • Stephanie, thanks for sharing your experience. Wow – that experience at Starbucks sounds scary. I had something similar happen to a friend of mine – a man with a demon started yelling at her spontaneously as we were sitting and having coffee with a mutual friend. She didn’t know him – he was a homeless man who wandered in the back door. It was very creepy! We immediately left and walked her to her car so she would feel safe. I’m glad you are learning about what opens doors for you. It’s important to know what to do to be safe and close out the darkness from influencing you. Thank you for contributing to this conversation about Open Doors. I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. I’d like to talk to you. I moved into this unit 3 years ago – when I had moved many boxes, I was too tired to drive so I slept on the floor. My furniture was arriving the next day – however I got woken up to what felt like something standing over me that I didn’t like the feeling of. So I drove back to where I was living prior to moving in. I’ve always been able to feel energy since I was very young. Fast forward 3 years: the last 3 months after lockdown, I’m sensing a lot of demons, more than ever before. I have been casting them out and they go. In the last week it was brought to my attention that when I go to leave my apartment, I close my front door and start walking down the stairs to the 1st landing. When I go down the next group of stairs, I hear this distinct sound as if a door just opened. Maybe it’s always happened but I never noticed it till now. I felt the dark energy straight away so I walked back up the stairs to the exact location of where this door is (that I cannot see but can hear and feel) and I tell it to leave. I declare it has no power here – that I am not afraid and I command it in the name of Jesus Christ to leave. It does not like me at all. I don’t care. First time I have ever come across a supernatural door that can be heard opening and it happens every time I walk down the common area stairs to exit the apartment block. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Cat, thank you so much for sharing your experience! Wow, that’s a very interesting thing – that the door opens whenever you walk past it. Have you asked the Lord why? I’m glad you are taking authority over it – that’s very kind of you because that dark energy could hurt your neighbors. But at the same time, are you supposed to be the “doorkeeper” for this door? I would suggest you ask Holy Spirit for insight on this. Just because you hear it doesn’t mean you have to do something about it. It might indicate that someone in your building is opening a door in the spirit to the enemy’s realm and if so, that’s not your fight unless God calls you to defend them. My general understanding is that I have authority over whatever is IN my house, but anything outside it – I ask the Lord first if it’s my assignment to deal with it or not. Many times it is not for me to DO anything but rather just be aware of it. You can actually draw the enemy’s attack by overstepping your boundaries. I’m not saying you are, I’m just suggesting you ask Jesus first about that door. The fact that you’ve been made aware of it is significant. Maybe He wants to show you who is opening it or inviting it to come to your building – then you can help close the source of the door, if you know what I mean. I imagine it would become annoying to have to close that door every time you leave your place. May God give you insight and greater understanding about what it happening. Thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit. We need you and your gift – to bring the blessing of God’s kingdom to the world! Shalom! 💕😃👑 P.S. Have you tried anointing the area with oil and sealing the door shut with the blood of Jesus? Just a thought that came to me just now.

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