Cursed Objects – Do you have any?

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A woman wrote to me recently and said she had participated in a Santeria ritual with her boyfriend because he told her it helped him achieve his goals. She did not realize how dangerous this was. She later suffered the consequences and asked me how to get rid of the “bad energy” in her house. Santeria is a form of witchcraft – it is a ritual to call on unseen powers to do what you ask them to do. People think they are in control of the powers that they invoke, but in reality they are not. There are 2 kinds of unseen power – God’s power and Satan’s power. If you are not calling on Jesus to help you, guess who’s power you are asking for? It may go by many different names, but I guarantee you – any power not coming from God is dangerous. You can get hurt badly. Don’t mess around with it.

Sometimes people are given objects that carry some of this unseen power. You may have received one as a gift. It might be a bracelet, a necklace or a figurine (like a sculpture of a turtle, frog, owl, etc.) It could even be something very nice and very expensive. It might not look like it has unseen power attached to it. It might be a beautiful painting, a piece of clothing or even a child’s toy.

If an object has been used in a ritual, it can carry an “attachment” to the unseen realm that is dangerous. We call this a cursed object. It can bring “bad energy” or evil spirits into your home. People who are very sensitive to the unseen realm can often sense it. I have a friend that can hold any object in her hand and tell you if there’s energy on it. I have another friend who can “see” whether there is something attached to an object. Not everyone has these types of gifts, so what can you do if you think you might have a cursed object in your home?

Symptoms that you might have a cursed object in your home:

A bad feeling in a specific region of your house (i.e. a certain room or closet)

Suddenly getting very, very sick for no reason

Suddenly having a lot of chaos or conflict in your home for no reason (i.e. the kids keep fighting whereas before they played well together)

Having a sense that something is not “right” in your house –  you may feel this when you first walk into the room where the object is

Feeling like you are being watched when you are alone at home (this feeling may intensify at night)

First, ask God to come into your home and cleanse it. Open your heart to Him and ask Him to come into your life. Choose to follow Jesus and ask Him to forgive you for your sins. Do this sincerely – you can’t fool God. He knows whether or not you mean it.

Then ask God to fill you with His Spirit. Wait a few minutes. Ask God if there is anything in your house that you need to get rid of. If you have a specific object in mind, bring it out and ask Him to show you whether you need to get rid of it. He will show you. He might show you immediately or He might show you later.

Sometimes it can be hard to get rid of something that is cursed. It might seem wasteful to just throw it away. Sometimes people are tempted to give it away to someone else. But why would you want to pass on a curse to someone else?

If God shows you something you need to get rid of, then do it! Take it outside of your house and throw it away or burn it. You really don’t need a cursed object in your house.

Whenever someone tells me they feel “funny” in their house – like something is not right – I ask them to pray over the house and then ask God if there’s anything that doesn’t belong there. Often they discover an item they recently obtained – either they bought it or a friend gave it to them. For some reason, that item is not supposed to stay with them. Sometimes the item looks really innocent – and you may question yourself, “Why should I get rid of this?” But if God is showing you to do it, just do it. You’ll be much better off without it.

There have been times when I have bought something at a place that had weird vibes. Just as a safeguard, I ask God to wash off anything associated with the item. I cut off any assignments attached to the item and I ask God if it’s okay to keep it. In most cases, it is. If not, I get rid of it. I don’t want to bring any item that has a curse into my house!

If an item comes to mind while you are reading this article, that might mean something. Ask God to show you.

If you have had a cursed item in your house, please feel free to share your experience below. We all learn from each other as we share our experiences. How did you know it was cursed and what did you do with the item?

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  1. I’ve had quite a few experiences with cursed objects. I can’t see them but can feel them, same with people and places.
    There was this little wooden shelf that was given to me and I put it on top of my dresser. I had a bad feeling from the get-go but didn’t want to upset the giver. Every night it got especially ‘dark’ in the room, even with a night light. (I shared a bed with my son at the time and he slept on the edge closest to the dresser.) He would fuss all night long and I could feel a presence hanging over us. I told my husband but he said that I was basically crazy and everything was fine. I left it there and prayed for another week or so but it was a pretty dark spirit and I couldn’t take it anymore. My mom decided she wanted it, but I told her it’d be best just to get rid of it. Well she didn’t believe me and sat it in a corner outside her door until she made room for it. For a while it sat there – one night my dad walked out of the room straight into the spirit. He described it as walking into a tangible pitch black darkness. He immediately backpedaled into their room and the next day said I was right – my brother and my dad destroyed it. Reading this, it might sound crazy, but it’s true. Believe me or not, but crazier things have happened. What do you think?

    • Mary, thanks for your comment. I believe you. I have heard similar stories from other people. Trust your gut! If an object makes you feel “weird” or “creepy”, why keep it? Your dad was wise to get rid of it. I bet you feel better in your house without it. 🙂

      • Yes, I do feel better. Unfortunately, there are many other things that are not mine that I can do nothing about. The living room/kitchen area of the house is especially dark at night. It’s where my ex-husband used to sleep a lot and stay up all night playing games and talking to friends before he left us. Even my brother says without the fan light on over the stove he doesn’t want to step foot in there at night.

        This is a tad bit off topic, but what about cursed parents that the children all receive his curse? I don’t want to take away from your responses here for the cursed objects topic, but it is a very real and important topic to me.

        • I think you may be referring to what is called “generational curses” – curses passed down from parents to children. There are many good sources of information on this topic on the internet. I found this ministry that helps people get rid of these types of curses – perhaps you can find more information from them: God bless you! 🙂

          • Yes, that’s what I meant. Thank you for the resource, I have been checking it out already. God bless you as well. =)

  2. When I hold my son’s ring that was given to him, I feel vibration when I touch it or hold it. Does that means it’s cursed?

    • Hi, Shera! Good question! You seem to be definitely sensing something – some kind of energy. Ask the Lord if it’s negative energy or neutral energy. If it bothers you, simply say, “Lord, please wash off of this ring any negative energy associated with it. I break any curse assigned to this ring and the wearer of the ring. I bless this ring and cover it in the blood of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for Your protection over me, my son and my household. In Jesus’ name. Amen” Then wash the ring and let it dry. Wait a little while and then pick it up and see if the vibration is gone. I’m glad you asked this question – thank you for commenting here! Subscribe for more information like this. 🙂 God bless you. ❤

  3. I just purchased a small African face statue. It is dark brown, it feels like a heavy wood. I got it at a second hand shop. I placed the statue on top of my dresser – that first night I had a vivid dream that my mean uncle who passed away was trying to kill a dog with a knife there was a lot of blood and dog crying. I tried to stop my uncle from hurting the dog. I was crying when I opened my eyes, feeling horrible. I realized it was just a dream. I went back to sleep and the torture dream continue, I was begging God to make my uncle stop. When I awake and saw the face statue in front of me, it made me so angry! I knew what had caused that bad dream. I no longer have that object. From this and previous experiences I came to realize that cursed objects can also give you nightmares.

    • Sara, thank you for sharing your experience! Yes, I can relate – that has happened to me too. I’m very careful about the items I bring into my home. I’m glad you got rid of it. May God bless you as you follow the discernment He gave you – it will protect you in many ways. 🙂

  4. A few years back, I was messed up on drugs. This woman gave me 2 items that seemed so innocent. I took them home and thought nothing about it. I remembered her saying she did not believe in God and I had seen some pictures of her online with 666. That was a few years ago. I got myself cleaned up from drugs and I have been praying every night. I had started asking God to please remove anything that is dark, evil or demonic from my home my property and from everyone in my home, including myself. It has been a couple of months now that I have been asking that of God. I had forgotten about that woman giving me those 2 items. I have been feeling sick and depressed like I was doomed. I looked under the cabinet and seen one of the items. The thought, “You need to throw that away”, crossed my mind so I took it and threw it in the trash. Things have been somewhat better since I did but I was not really thinking about that having anything to do with my situation. Then today I was thinking about that time in my life and the picture of her with the 666 stuff came back to me. The thought came, “Find the other item and throw it away now – get it out of the house”. I had forgotten about the other item. I immediately went and got it, put it in a trash bag and walked it outside to the trash can. I am willing to bet that things are going to improve even more now. I had forgotten all about there even being a second item. I was not even thinking about that woman when I threw away the first one, but God gave me the rundown and took me directly to what needed to be removed. God is Amazing! I could not tell you where I would be without our Heavenly Father! He has come in to my life and daily He is working to help me be a better person, to help mold and shape me in to the person that He intended for me to be. I ask him to do it everyday – I know my Prayers are heard and answered and I thank Him every day for all that He does in my life. God Bless. That’s my story.

    • Selena, thank you for sharing your story! That’s amazing – how God led you to get rid of “innocent” looking items that may have had a curse on them. I am so happy that you are seeking the Lord daily! God bless you and thank you so much for sharing your experience. We can all learn from it. ❤

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