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DIY Deliverance & Healing – Sapphire Blessings App

A friend just reminded me of an awesome app for your phone/tablet that has a TON of really good, really deep content that can help you on your path to freedom and wholeness.

It’s called Sapphire Blessings and it’s available on both Apple and Android devices.

You pay a small monthly fee ($4) and you get access to the library of recorded teachings and blessings from Arthur Burk of Sapphire Leadership Group.

Arthur Burk is the first person who taught me the difference between my spirit and my soul. That single insight majorly helped me and set me free of so much stuff! Whenever I share it with someone, it helps them too – I’m amazed that this insight has not become more wide stream yet. You can read about it here.

He’s a little “out of the box” for most people. And to be honest, some of his stuff is too far out there for me. Ask Holy Spirit what you need to hear and follow that leading. πŸ™‚

Arthur has discovered some really good insights and tools to help people, especially people who have not been able to be helped through the usual path of counseling or inner healing prayer. He’s especially good at providing helpful information to those who have severe dissociative identity disorder and those who have been through severe trauma.

He also has a lot of free stuff on his website and on his YouTube channel, if you want to check him out first before paying a monthly fee. You can also search for him by name on YouTube and find even more free content, posted by other people. His series, Blessing Your Spirit, is very powerful. I highly recommend it.

The app description says:

Arthur Burk is not afraid to go where others have not – he’s a true pioneer and forerunner, especially in the realm of inner healing, deliverance and “out of the box” insights.

If you feel drawn, I encourage you to go check him out!

Has an Arthur Burk teaching impacted your life? If so, which one? Please share below to inspire us and help us find the truth that will set us free! Thanks – I really appreciate personal comments from my readers. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—