God Speaks through Dreams

One of the ways God speaks to us is through dreams. Has this ever happened to you?

How can you tell when it’s God speaking to you? Sometimes it is obvious and other times, you might not be so sure.

Here’s a dream I had recently where it was obvious to me that God was speaking to me.

I dreamed that I was in a house. I picked up some papers from my father’s desk. It was an article that I was interviewed for back in 1993. My father was coming down the hall toward the room I was in and we were talking about the papers. As soon as he was in the room, we heard a loud noise and wind started blowing very strongly. I realized it was a tornado and immediately my father and I went toward each other. We grabbed each other’s arms so we wouldn’t get separated in the storm. He said something but the storm was so loud, I couldn’t hear him. The wind died down for a few seconds and I heard him say, “Would you turn …” but then the wind increased and I couldn’t hear the rest. I said, “What?” really loud, trying to be heard above the noise. He spoke again, “Would you turn your head so I can tell you I love you?”

This time I heard him clearly. I suddenly realized I had lost some of my hearing in my left ear. This surprised me because I didn’t know this and he did. When I turned my right ear toward him, I heard him clearly – he was so close I could feel his breath as he spoke.

Immediately I woke up – my husband had awakened me because it was time to go to a doctor’s appointment for him to be cleared for surgery.

I knew this was a dream from God. How did I know?

  1. I remembered the dream in detail. When God wants to speak to us in a dream, then obviously we will remember it clearly. Many times I remember little bits and pieces of a dream, but when I can clearly remember the whole dream in detail, I pay attention. God may be speaking to me.
  2. The dream involved my father. From my personal experience with God, whenever I dream about my natural father, it represents God, my heavenly Father. That may not be true of everyone – this is just how God relates to me.
  3. There was a clear message – God wants me to know that He loves me. The feeling I had when I woke up stayed with me all day. It was more than just a natural father’s love – it had a depth and completeness to it that is hard to describe. I felt embraced by this love in my entire being – it created not only comfort but a strong sense of security and protection. I was safe and cared for in His love!
  4. I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream all day long. Many times when God is trying to get your attention, He will make sure the dream stays fresh in your mind until you get the entire message.

There are many layers of interpretation in this dream as it relates to my personal life. One obvious one for me was the timing of the dream. I had it on the day my husband was going to doctors appointments to be cleared for major surgery. What perfect timing to be reminded that God has been with me in the past during turbulent times and He is with me now. And He loves me – He will take care of us. ❤

I have also heard that often dreams from God involve bright colors – you’ll remember a specific color that was in your dream (i.e. someone was wearing a green shirt or you saw a red stop sign). I don’t recall any specific colors in this dream. It has been my experience that color does play a role – if I have a difficult dream that is all in shades of gray and black, it is often a revelation of the strategy of the enemy. I pay attention to those too and ask the Lord what I need to know. It may reveal what is happening in the unseen realm regarding me, my family or something happening in my region or nation. Often He will show me something I need to be praying about.

Sometimes dreams are confusing – the best thing to do is simply ask God to show you what He is saying, if the dream is from Him. Meditate on any themes or feelings you had in the dream. Sometimes you’ll get greater clarity if you take the time to write it down or tell it to a friend. But if no insight comes, don’t worry about it. God has ways of getting your attention. He’ll get the message through to you one way or another!

Have you ever had a dream that you knew was from God? What did it tell you? How did it help you? Feel free to share it with us below.

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  1. Wow, God is amazing isn’t He? =)

    I never thought about the color being important before. I’ll make sure to pay more attention to that now and I have already thought about dreams I still remember with this in mind. Thank you. I really like the insight that you provide in your posts.

    I’ve had a few dreams like this, most recent though, it wasn’t positive. Paying attention to color, it was very dark, lots of black, gray and sepia tone like colors. It was also very gray, cloudy sky, like a storm was brewing but it was almost palpable, colored everything a darker shade. It was on the first or second of January. (I’ve been trying to journal them after I wake up but haven’t been so dilligent yet.) For some reason, me and my son (9 years old) were being chased by Voldemort from Harry Potter. He wasn’t all powerful like in the movie, more like a very evil servant to someone more so. He was sent to capture us and he could apparate, but it was slowly, not instantaneous. We got into this old rundown hotel that was run by a very worn down from life lady and I somehow talked her into giving us a room. I saw it before we got there and it was huge but looked uninhabitated, on a barren, long forgotten concrete lot. I’m not sure why I thought we’d be safe there. Anyways, Voldemort followed us and apparated on each floor until he found ours and then he said he knew he was going to find us. As he slowly started to apparate into our room from the corner ceiling on the left of the door, I woke up.

    That Sunday, the pastor said that he got a word from God right before he started to preach that some of the people who were/are expecting blessings and a season of increase and all the stuff he’s been talking about, are being pursued even more than they were last year. It kind of caught me off guard because of my dream and I know it wasn’t just for me. To be honest, I didn’t spend specific time asking God about the dream because I have been so distracted with other things but I will. What He did impress upon me was that me and my son are being targeted specifically. I don’t know why or in what way, just that we are. Not uplifting like yours, but I don’t begrudge it. A warning is a warning.

    • Thank you for sharing, Mary. Yes, it does sound like some kind of warning. Sometimes the best way to explore a dream is to pay attention to the emotions in the dream – was it fear, or intimidation, or something more serious like death? Then you can break the curses associated with those feelings (i.e. I cancel the fear of death from off of me and my son). It’s important not to let the enemy scare you or intimidate you – that takes away your power. Ask the Lord to remove the fear and focus on God’s goodness. Not all dreams are positive – thanks for sharing an example of one so we can all learn. God bless you! 🙂

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