Hearing God – How Do You Know It’s REALLY God?

At 1:30am, I awoke to the voice of God. It surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it – I had been deeply asleep.

How do I know it was God?

  1. It came out of nowhere. I didn’t initiate this.
  2. It was full of compassion and love.
  3. It was a complete thought instantly – an immediate download of information that came with such sudden depth of understanding that I did not have before it came. It was instant insight that took me 9 paragraphs to record in my journal.

What did it “sound” like?

Like my own voice in my thoughts. But I knew it wasn’t MY thoughts for several reasons.

  1. I couldn’t have made this up. This was entirely new insight that I didn’t have before.
  2. It was not a logical progression of thoughts, one by one, like what normally happens when I am trying to figure something out. It was like a waterfall of instant understanding. (Like Neo in The Matrix receiving instant information about how to fly a helicopter.)
  3. I was asleep and was awakened just as it started. That’s not normally the way my mind works. It takes me awhile to wake up and start thinking clearly.
  4. It was full of love and compassion.
  5. It started with, “It’s not what you think it is …” Why would I say that if it was my own thoughts?

I write this as an example for those who are unfamiliar with hearing from God. There are times like this where you KNOW it’s God. It’s not always this clear. And that list of how I know it was God is not a checklist – it doesn’t always happen that way.

What IS pretty consistent is the waterfall of new insight – to me that’s a clear indication that I’m hearing from God. You can’t make this stuff up. And if the insight is connected with selfless love and compassion, you can’t go wrong. Some people tell me they are hearing from God, but I wonder about that when it’s not leading them toward Love.

Always look for the Love – the insight should come with love, or move you toward greater compassion. That’s the litmus test of authenticity that you are hearing from God. Look for the Love! ❤

About Kingdom Walker

A woman seeking to understand the world around her - with grace and acceptance toward all. Discernment of the Supernatural Realm - Insight and experiences of the Unseen Realm from a Christian perspective. This blog: https://supernaturaldiscernment.com/

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  1. I’m commenting to this one instead of your other post about God’s voice and other voices because of your number 1 and 4 under the how was it My thoughts section. They really stuck out to me. 1 because there have been plenty of instances where I have not come up with something on my own. It’s easy to accept when it’s something that can kind of naturally flow in a conversation with someone. It is harder for me when it’s something that is for me to do for someone that is out of the ordinary.

    Many years ago, the Holy Spirit came upon me to say and do something particular for a random woman in church. That had not happened to me previoiusly. I had never seen her before that day. My fear of doing something that God might not be telling me to do, only so I can be laughed at and condemned for missing the mark, made me disobedient and eventually the Spirit left me and at that exact moment I knew it had been God and I failed. My pastor ended up doing and saying to her what I was supposed to. I asked her about it after service. I also asked her about the voices and she said much the same you did in your other post. My problem is that sometimes, it’s something that could have a good or bad outcome. My pastor did say that evil would never tell me to do something that may bring peace or healing to someone and to remember that when I struggle.

    Number 4 goes right along with this. It was full of love and compassion for this woman I didn’t know. He wanted her to have a word from him. In respect to myself, I’m quick to condemn myself ever since I was a child. It has been a hard road for me to break this but I have been making significant progress. When God gives me insight or simiply tells me that he loves me and I can feel his smile, I’m overwhelmed.

    I needed to read this and really take it in. Thank you for all of your insight, it’s greatly appreciated.

    • Mary, I am so glad this post helped you! Thank you for your encouragement. I share these little stories and I never know who they might be for. It’s nice to know that this one was just for you. ❤ I am glad you have been making progress – remember, God's not disappointed in you when you mess up. He believes in you and is simply in the process of helping you to believe in Him (inside you) too! God bless you and thank you for sharing! 🙂

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