Angel experience? Fear, bright lights and ??

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This has got to be one of the strangest experiences I have had with the unseen realm. It happened in Garden Valley, Texas. When I was in college, my boyfriend attended a school that was held at Last Days Ministries, started by Keith and Melody Green. This experience happened about 1989.

I had driven over from Louisiana to Texas to visit my boyfriend. There were girls’ dorms and boys’ dorms. It was during Spring break so most people were gone. There were only a few girls left in the dorms. My boyfriend had one of the girls show me to an empty room where I could stay for the night. There were 4 bunk beds in the room and a few dressers. The room looked crowded with the four bunk beds – each one had 3 beds (vertically). It was quite a sight. I could not imagine what it must have been like for those girls to share a room with 12 women. I was thankful I would be the only one there that night.

I got ready for bed and turned out the light. Boy, was it dark! Even when my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I couldn’t see the room or the other beds around mine. I had elected to stay in the middle bunk of the 3 vertical beds. It was easier to get in and out of – the top one was too high and the bottom one was almost on the floor.

I fell asleep and suddenly woke up very afraid. I lay perfectly still, straining my ears and eyes to figure out what was making me so afraid. I didn’t hear anything and I couldn’t see anything in the darkened room. For some reason, I was terrified. I did not have a nightmare. I woke up to a presence in the room that made me very scared.

I desperately wanted to leave the bedroom, but it was so dark and I was so frightened that I was afraid to leave the bed. I didn’t know what to do. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the fear. I thought maybe if I just laid there quietly, I would fall asleep or the fear would go away. It didn’t work. I opened my eyes again. The fear was with me as palpable as if someone was in the room ready to kill me. My anxiety was mounting. I really wanted to leave the room now, but it was so dark I was petrified to do so. I could not see the door to the room and I felt disoriented – I remembered that there was a lot of furniture in the room, but I couldn’t make out where it was and I didn’t want to try and run across the room and fall on something.

I closed my eyes and prayed, “Jesus, please help me!” I opened my eyes again and suddenly the room was filled with light! I stared at the room, looking around quickly. Then it went dark again. Still feeling deeply afraid, I thought, “I’ve got to go NOW!” I jumped out of the bed and dashed to the door. Once I got out in the hallway, I saw light coming from under a door nearby. I pushed gently on the door and discovered it was a large bathroom with several sinks and stalls. There was a woman there. She introduced herself as Ana. She took one look at me and asked if I was okay.

I told her I was afraid. That something made me uncomfortable in the room. She walked with me to the main gathering room where there were couches. We sat and talked. I told her what happened. I normally didn’t talk about these things back then because people didn’t understand when I did. But somehow I knew she would listen and not judge me or think I was crazy. When I asked what time it was, she said it was a little after midnight. So I’d only been asleep maybe an hour or so.

As we sat there talking, another woman came in the front door. She spoke to us briefly and then went to her room. I asked Ana if there was a reason my room was suddenly filled with light. When I saw the girl come in, I thought to myself, “Oh, maybe a car pulled up and dropped her off. That would explain the bright lights shining in my room.” Ana walked with me back to the room. I pointed out which way I had been laying in the bed and where the light was coming from. There was a window on that wall. I started to assume the natural explanation to my weird experience and said so to Ana.

She shook her head and said, “Come here.” She opened the blinds and had me look out the window. She said, “Look, your room is on the back of this building. The parking lot is in the front. No cars drive back here. Look for yourself.” I stepped closer to the window and looked around. Sure enough, there was a large empty field back there. No street lights, no place for a car to drive, nothing. It was like undeveloped land – just open empty space. There wasn’t even a dirt path for walking. [The next day I went outside during the daytime and confirmed this.]

I walked away and shook my head. Both Ana and I puzzled about it and could not come up with any natural way that bright lights could have shone into my room. The only explanation I have come up with is that when I asked Jesus for help, He sent a couple of angels to bring light to my darkness so I could escape my fear.

She and I prayed together. I went back to bed and slept until morning with no other weird experiences.

So, was it angels? I have always thought so. Part of what convinced me was the timing. Total blackness and fear in the room. I asked Jesus for help, opened my eyes and the room was filled with light. Then after I got a chance to look around and get my bearings, it went dark again. Completely dark. What are the odds of it happening that way by chance?

Many people experience light in the presence of angels. Usually a comforting light. Even the show, Touched by an Angel, used a light halo to cause angel Monica to glow whenever she revealed her true identity.

Have you ever experienced supernatural light when you really needed it? Feel free to share below! Tell me I’m not alone please. πŸ™‚

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  1. I have searched high n low for answers to this, my experience happened when I was about 16 I’m 42 now, Id been asleep for a few hours but woke up terrified ,I sat up looking around ,the light was on and I felt as if something big was in the room it filled it but I couldn’t see a thing, I’ll never ever forget it ,I sat there hunnched up with my quilt looking around I was so scared I could of shit myself that’s the only was to tell it and it felt huge, eventually it wore off ,I was still sat there when my sister came in later, I told her but she didn’t seem bothered, please can anyone tell me what this is and what I should do if it happens again ,it was awful and it never stays away from my memory long , it made me a paranoid wreck. I had never used drugs or drink either anddidnt have nightmares etc. Please help me.’ Raychel woodhall

    • Raychel,

      It sounds like you had an encounter with the unseen realm. Yes, it is terrifying when you can’t see what’s there, but everything in you tells you there is something there that is BIG & scary. It freaks you out. You are not alone – a lot of people experience this and don’t know what to do about it. I wrote about my early experiences with this experience here:

      Basically, in the unseen realm there are good beings and evil beings. The evil ones can feel very scary and overwhelming.

      One thing you can do if it happens again is call on the name of Jesus out loud. Ask Him to come and help you (“Jesus, please come and help me!”). Ask for angels to come to your room and remove the scary thing. Ask God for protection. If you still feel uncomfortable, leave the room and go near another person. This type of experience usually only happens when you are alone – it is meant to scare and intimidate you. When you are with someone else, it usually doesn’t happen or it goes away.

      There are specific things you can do when this experience happens to you, but it’s too much to put in a post. Please send me an email at kingdomwalker2 (at) gmail (dot) com. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned in dealing with these unseen visitors. I also know how to reduce the pain of the memory you have of this experience. I am sorry you experienced this and I’m concerned that it continues to affect you after all these years. I wish you peace and love in abundance. β™₯

  2. Dont be a scared.. my story is practically the same as yours. These happened to me nearly 2 to 3 months ago.. I searched and searched. And put all my clues together.. being scared at first is normal, I mean I was afraid when I woke up as well. It was my first time experiencing it.

  3. About two weeks ago, I was sleeping to awake to a very bright light coming into my room. I live in the country surrounded by huge pine trees. The moon was a new moon. The light was bluish in my room and it lasted for hours. It did scare me and I called for God’s and angelic protection. I live alone so seeking another person was not an option. I’m not sure if it left or I fell asleep.
    What this was , I don’t know. I had prayed that night for a sign. I guess that was it

    • Judy, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad you prayed for protection. When I saw the light (in my experience above), I was comforted by it – the light didn’t scare me. What scared me was what I felt in the room. It does sound like it was some kind of a sign. Did it give you any clarity? I hope so. πŸ™‚

      • About a year ago I had just finished making coffee and was heading back to my room to start my pc up. Just as I put my cup on my computer table, the hall randomly lit up like the brightness of the sun and it made me jump and my heart was pounding like crazy. After that brief moment my eyes were having to readjust to the light of the house again. Honestly that was one of the most questionable things I have EVER seen and I am only 22 years old. My grandpa died no more than 3 months before it and every time I think about the incident it reminds me of him.

        • Andrew, that’s a cool story! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has seen a light unexpectedly. It’s interesting that you connect the light with your grandfather. Maybe the light was sent to comfort you after he passed on. Thanks for sharing your story – I really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  4. My stories are too many to tell. I can relate to waking up terrified not knowing why. It happened a lot as a child. I’d run into my parents room and sleep on their floor next to my mom. It was better than being scared.

  5. I wasn’t terrified but it seemed like a continuance to a previous terrifying dream, only I awoke to only bright light. Strangest part was that I was in a hurry to start my busy day of work but something wasn’t right about the light in the room where there was no visible shadow

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