Breathing with God exercise

I was describing to a friend recently the experience of the presence of God. It is hard to describe in words of the natural realm. “Many people want to experience God’s presence,” she said, “but they don’t know how. You should share this.”

As I pondered how to teach someone the very first step toward becoming aware of the presence of God, this exercise came to me. I hope it helps you take your first step toward a deeper relationship with God.

Breathing with God

Close your eyes and take a deep breath slowly. Imagine the Spirit of God filling you as you breathe in. Hold your breath and count to five mentally. Let the breath out as you say, “Thank you, Jesus.”

Set a timer on your cell phone for one minute. Do the breathing exercise. You can use different phrases like, “I love you, Jesus” or “You’re wonderful, Jesus” if you want to add variety.

Notice how you feel after doing this exercise. I feel relaxed, at peace and I have mental clarity.

Start by doing this exercise once a day.

Once it feels comfortable doing this for one minute every day, set the timer for three minutes.

You’ll notice an even greater peace and clarity of mind. You may begin to become aware of God’s presence.

Don’t start with three minutes if you have never done this before. Start with one minute. I know some of you want to skip ahead, but trust me on this. Take baby steps – this is a lifetime practice, not a quick fix. Taking it slowly now will payoff very well later. I promise!

Keep doing it every day. You can do this more than once a day, if you wish. It can be particularly helpful to do this while sitting in traffic, to reduce your stress (but keep your eyes open please).

After awhile you will look forward to your special time with God each day. That’s when you can stop using the timer. Spend as much time as you want. The more you do this, the more likely you will become aware of God’s presence.

Don’t give up. Let your desire for God draw you to this time. If you lack desire, then when you breathe out say, “Draw me, Lord.”

What is God’s presence like? Some people sense a presence (or energy) of love or of peace. Others sense companionship – like someone is there with them and they are no longer alone. You’ll know when it happens to you – it’s personal and unique. ♥

Once you become aware of God’s presence, you can do the breathing exercise longer, if you wish. It can help you stay focused on Him. You can share your thoughts and feelings with God. Or you may enjoy practicing Listening Prayer, another exercise to help you connect with God. [I’ll post a description on this blog later, but for now you can Google “Listening Prayer” if you want to learn more.] This post, “How to Pray & Hear from God” can help you get started. 🙂

Let me know what you experience when you try this exercise. It’s so simple, yet it has profound effects.

Looking for more? This article appears in a free ebook called Intimate Relationship with God – you can download it here. 🙂

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  1. I am not against any born again spiritual exercise, but, what is the scriptural basis for this breath-in breath-out God-sensing technique?, I think communion,experience of manifestation, victorious and supernatural living is the ultimate goal of every believer in the word of God. I am never dismissive, I would be highly appreciative if you went on sharing more information in this light

    thanking your motivation to us all and response to this request in advance

    • Thank you for your question. I encourage you to try this exercise and see what effect it has on you. Then ask the Holy Spirit to show you which Scriptures are relevant for what He wants you to know. Several come to mind for me such as be filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph 5:18), draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8), the Lord inhabits our praise (Psalm 22:3) and the kingdom of God is characterized by righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). I hope this exercise helps you to pay attention the presence of God in your life and helps you to draw near to God. Jesus told us to abide in Him (John 15) – this is one way to consciously do that. God bless you! ❤

  2. Ok, thank you, do you think its important to acquire the Holy-Spirit by means of Inhalation-Exhalation? I am open to exploring all kinds of ways. I believe, as God’s children, that is what brings more wisdom. I love the concept of practicing communion with God 24/7. If this is possible and practical, I agree that is exactly what every child of God must engage upon continually.

    As separate point: sharing spiritual realities and experiences among believers IS of utmost importance. I believe the devil has killed that opportunity. I believe it must be our collective responsibility as body of believers to bring it back and bring it back filled with life.

    • We do not acquire the Holy Spirit by inhalation-exhalation. We already have the Spirit of God inside of us when we open our heart to God and choose to give Him control of our lives. This exercise simply makes you more conscious of the Spirit’s presence. He is with you and He can fill you, if you surrender to His control and His love. The more you receive His love in your heart, the more you are filled with His Spirit. ♥

  3. Hi, thanks. It is blogs like this which are particularly important. Here through words, we exchange the love of God and respond to God’s call of humbleness which I believe is particularly important when it comes to learning. I also believe somehow Christians are consumed by isolation and the need to appear perfect before others, but what really matters is the call to humbleness. Without humbleness, without us asking or seeking other ways in which God can intervene in our lives, we shall remain bound from movement. So may the Lord God bless you for facilitating this process of amazing spiritual discussion with undeniable (benefits)blessings, promotion, and understanding that leads to victory. God bless

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