Backlash and Bloodshed – Freaky!

Rating: Creepy

This memory keeps standing out in my mind so I guess I should share it next. It’s a little “out there” – it creeps me out whenever I think of it.

I was traveling for business. My brother happened to be in the same city, attending the wedding of an extended family member. He called me and said he was very worried about a certain sister’s safety. She had been at the event and then disappeared without telling anyone she was leaving. They later found out she had boarded a bus to go back to her home. This concerned him greatly because she had been telling him she was relieved to be away from home because she was in a very abusive relationship and the man had recently threatened to kill her. No one could understand why she suddenly left to return to him.

My brother is a man of prayer – when he is worried, his first defense is to intercede and ask God to intervene. He asked me to meet him to pray for this sister. We decided to go for a walk – there were too many people in the house and everyone was upset about the situation. We figured being outside would help us clear our heads and enable us to focus better in prayer.

As we walked, he did most of the praying. I just agreed. At one point, I “saw” this very, very large being above us. In comparison to its size, we looked like ants. I could see its legs like large columns going up and up. I sensed that it looked down at us, specifically at my brother, and it was annoyed at his prayers. The attitude conveyed was, “You think you have a right to pray for her safety? She’s mine!”

My brother interceded harder, asking God to save her life and protect her from the violence of the man she was going home to. He’s very bold when he prays. He prays with great authority and obviously he annoyed some very large being that was watching over this situation.

We finished praying. He walked me back to my car and I drove to my hotel. Even though we had closed out our time with prayers of protection and covering for ourselves, I had the uncanny feeling that this being was going to manifest in some way the next day at my job. I prayed about it several times that night, but I could not shake that feeling. I didn’t know what to expect. We had been praying against violence, bloodshed, the spirit of death, etc – anything that seemed related to the attack against this sister.

The next day at work, I was on the alert. I prayed on the way and I prayed when I arrived. I didn’t like knowing that somehow this spirit was going to show itself in my work day, but I was glad I had advance warning. I didn’t feel afraid – I just prayed for grace to know how to deal with it when it happened. For some reason, I didn’t feel I had the authority to block it from manifesting.

I was managing a small office of people. They needed an extra pair of hands to get a job done so the district manager had approved for a temporary labor office to send someone over. The man who arrived surprised me. He looked kind of like Santa Claus – he was older, overweight and had a white beard. The work assignment was physical labor. I explained this to him and asked if he felt he could do the work. I was a little concerned because he looked about ready for retirement, not a full 8 hours of physical labor in the sun of a very hot climate. He said he was fine and I sent him outside to be trained by one of our regular personnel.

About an hour and half later, he came walking into the office holding his left hand in his right hand and said, “Can someone help me please?” We all turned to see him – blood was dripping from his hands as he walked across the floor. I was shocked. Thankfully, the rest of the staff responded immediately. One of the office clerks had nurses training in her background and steered him toward the bathroom so she could see how bad the wound was and clean it up. Another staff member had training in blood borne illnesses and notified me that he knew how to clean up a blood spill correctly and proceeded to do so.

We had never had someone injured in this office before – at least not to my knowledge. We were all quite puzzled in how he could have hurt himself – and after only working for a little over an hour by himself. Thankfully, his wound was not serious. The office clerk got the bleeding stopped and bandaged him up from the first aid kit. I called the temporary labor office and our district manager for instructions on where to send him for treatment. I gave him the information and off he went.

As he left, I could not stop shaking my head. As soon as I ‘d seen the blood dripping on the floor, I’d known. This was a manifestation of that spirit of bloodshed and violence. I was very thankful it had been minor. That spirit seemed intent on intimidating me more than anything else – no real harm was done. The man would recover with a few minor stitches. I don’t know why this played out the way it did, but it made a definite impression on me.

Has anything this strange ever happened to you? What did you do? I’d love to hear stories from other people. I don’t often share these because most people have no frame of reference for something so odd.

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  1. neophyte psychic

    Thank you for sharing this interesting experience. I do like reading such open-minded posts from a Christian. It doesn’t affect one’s faith in any way to have such experiences, but some people can be a bit sensitive about strange things like this. The first thing that jumps to my mind (I’ve had loads of weird experiences which is why I say the “first”) is about a time when I had been diagnosed with anemia (severe anemia). Doctor’s words were, “I’m amazed that you are able to stand up and walk.”

    So what followed was a course of treatment with loads of supplements, change of diet, liquid iron, etc. I had to get at least 3 or 4 more blood tests to be sure that my blood was normal and I was recovered. I remember around the 3rd blood test and having had so much blood drawn, that I glanced over at my arm after the doctor had drawn the blood, and I don’t know why, but he hadn’t put a cotton gauze thing on it straight away. He had stepped away with the vial of blood and my arm was hanging over the side of the bed thing and there was a stream of blood just flowing down my arm, into my hand and dripping onto the floor.

    I really could not understand how there could be so much blood from one needle prick. Maybe my blood was very thin or something. And I sat there staring at it feeling kind of numb, and then a voice in my head (from something that wasn’t me) said, “Sometimes blood needs to be spilled.” I don’t know what it means.

    So there’s a strange story from me! 🙂

    • Wow – that’s a freaky experience. Seeing your own blood dripping – yuk! And what you heard sounds a little menacing – kinda creepy. Thanks for commenting and sharing your story. We learn from each other by sharing our experiences. I don’t think anyone has it “all figured out” when it comes to the Unseen Realm. In fact, when I meet someone with that attitude that “they know”, I get suspicious – I tend to question what they say. I think the best way to approach all this stuff is with an open mind and a humble heart – like little kids exploring. We’re all in this together and we only know what we have each experienced. 🙂

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