Jehovah-Sneaky Strikes Again!

One of the elements of the unseen realm is the Favor or Blessing of God. Here’s a short story as an example.

A close friend of my husband had a grown daughter. She became very troubled mentally and ended up homeless after she lost her job. Her mother (our friend) drove across the country to find her and bring her home to live with her. The daughter was in her forties. The mother was retired and worked two part-time jobs to make ends meet.

She lived with her mother for two weeks. The mother worked hard to help her get the help she needed, but the story ended tragically. One morning the mother got up and looked for her daughter. She had hung herself from the tree in the corner of the yard. The police found evidence from receipts in her room that she had been planning this for at least a week.

We were shocked and dismayed. Our friend was beside herself. Family rallied around her. They had the body cremated and were planning to have a memorial service later that month. They even offered to chip in some money to help her have the tree removed. She couldn’t afford to pay for it herself. It was a large tree and would cost about $1000 or more to remove.

The week for the memorial came and the family all backed out. Suddenly no one wanted to have a memorial and they no longer offered their financial support in removing the tree. Our friend was crushed. She was miserable – you can imagine the pain she was experiencing. She gave up her hope that the tree could be removed – it would remain a daily reminder of her daughter’s tragic end. She couldn’t even bear to look in that direction of her yard when she let the dogs out.

My husband and I were upset that her family deserted her in a time like this. We discussed it and we both felt strongly that we were supposed to be “family” to her and help her. We gave her the money to cut down the tree. She cried when she realized what we were doing. It renewed her hope and she scheduled the tree removal immediately.

Five days later my husband got an unexpected check in the mail from a legal settlement that had been resolved years ago. The timing was impeccable. We had no idea this was coming. We gave $1000 and received $1155.46. No only were we “reimbursed” fully, we received 15% interest on our “investment” in human kindness! Isn’t that cool?

The check we received

The check we received

I call that the Favor or Blessing of God. He moved our hearts to give and already supplied the check in the mail before we had even given the money away. He’s so sneaky like that! We call him Jehovah-Sneaky. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have a story of God’s Favor or Blessing that you would like to share? Please feel free to post it in the comments! We love to hear these “God-incidences” (instead of co-incidences).

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  1. The ego thought system instructs us to interpret our giving as also being our losing. Most of us are pretty much convinced this is how it is. Even when we give to a “good cause” we will still have the feeling hat we, because we gave something away, now have less of what we gave. In an attempt to reconcile this weird idea, the ego has invented the concept of reciprocity. The ego thought system is a false system, therefore, any instruction coming from it is always eventually nonviable. In Truth, giving and receiving are the same. Indeed, we cannot truly receive without giving. It is through giving, sans conditions, that we receive. Your story is a beautiful demonstration of this Truth.

    With Love As Love,

  2. I love this story. God blessed this woman greatly through you and your husband’s giving as well you both! =)

    I have plenty of stories where God has provided but not in so great a need as the one you described. Sometimes, it was a very simple thing. I would give my tithe, oftentimes an offering as well and only have a few dollars in my pocket for two more weeks. During worship, He’d nudge me to give that too. Sometimes it was difficult to let it go but after a while it became easy. When I literally had nothing left, I wouldn’t feel hungry while working or I’d find twenty dollars in my wallet and there was no one near it in church. I knew it wasn’t something I had miscounted either. It always made me smile because God provided when I was obedient, whether financially or otherwise. =)

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