Miracle on AZ Interstate – Teleported to Safety

This story was submitted by one of my readers – it happened in 1989. Here it is in his own words:

It was a Sunday night sometime prior to 7:00 p.m. It was late fall or winter and it was dark outside. I was on my way to a small Assembly of God church located outside of Phoenix, off Interstate 10. At this location the Interstate had four westbound lanes – three for normal traffic flow and one for carpooling.

This particular section of the Interstate (the area between 75th & 79th Avenues) was very unusual for two reasons: first, there was an on-ramp located only a very short distance from an off-ramp – a very small distance between locations where you could enter or exit the Interstate. Second, the off-ramp was located in the median, which required exiting vehicles to use the carpooling lane as the access point for the off-ramp. The net result of this design was that the actual entry point for the on-ramp was extremely close to the exit point for the off-ramp (the distance between 75th and 79th Avenues is only 1/2 mile).

[KW: Based on the photo I found on the internet (below), it looks like the distance on the interstate is even shorter – 1/4 mile, about 1300 feet]

On this particular occasion I was proceeding westerly in the extreme left lane. The carpooling lane was to my left. I had just passed a vehicle in the extreme right westbound lane. Immediately after driving under the 75th Avenue overpass which produced the on-ramp to the Interstate, I noticed that a large semi truck was barreling down the on-ramp. I wasn’t concerned, however, because I was in the far left lane.

The semi came to the Interstate entry point ahead of me. Then for whatever unknown reason, the semi immediately began moving across all of the westbound lanes. When I saw him begin to drift toward me, I didn’t realize that he wasn’t just moving into my lane, he was actually attempting to exit off the 79th Avenue exit ramp in the median area. In a matter of a couple of seconds the semi had blocked the center lane, far left lane and the carpooling lane in something of a diagonal line. I was no more than fifty yards away from the semi, traveling at an Interstate speed – it was directly in front of me, blocking all paths of escape.

When I realized I had nowhere to go, I jammed on the brakes. Too late. I saw the front of my car impacting just behind the front wheel of the semi’s trailer. I was going to slam into that trailer.

Then my field of vision was obscured by what seemed to be a lightweight, almost transparent curtain of grey. All I could see was a sheet of grey; the semi was no longer visible. The next sensation I had was like taking my hands off the steering wheel. In a matter of less than two seconds, it seemed as if my hands returned to the steering wheel. I could once again see what was in front of me – I was still in the left lane. I was just coming out from under the 79th Avenue overpass associated with the median off-ramp and I was calmly driving down the Interstate. I could still see the semi stretched across the Interstate in my rear-view mirror. In a matter of moments, the car which had been in the right lane came alongside me and maintained that position for several seconds, perhaps wondering if I really was the same car that should have smashed into the semi’s trailer. I kept driving and arrived at the church.

I knew God was real a very long time before this event occurred. I do not believe in God because of this experience.Β  But I will say this: If you and your vehicle are ever physically “translated” (a Biblical term used to describe what happened), teleported or “beamed up” (to use a Star Trek expression), you are not going to doubt the existence of God. Believe me. Only God can do what I experienced that night. And I have absolutely no idea why this event occurred in my life. – C.T.

Wow – What a story! I have read of this happening to other people so I believe this is a true story. Imagine if he had hit that semi, it would have looked like this:

C.T. says he doesn’t know why it happened to him. Well I think I have an idea – he was meant to live. Sometimes God intervenes and saves us from physical harm for His own purposes. We don’t understand why it happens exactly but we know there is a reason.

Do you have a story of the supernatural to share? If so, post it below as a comment or send it to me via email as a future guest post. I love to get submissions from my readers! πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi, why did they not stop to help the semi driver that did crash or serve as a witness to the accident? :/ It says “I kept driving”.

    • Aila, the semi didn’t crash – he just blocked the lanes of traffic as he was going off the interstate. He almost CAUSED a crash, but the semi was not harmed in this story. No other cars appear to have hit the semi – maybe there wasn’t much traffic since it was a Sunday evening.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. I have come to refer to occurrences like this a being mystical experiences for they inspire a sense of mystery that prompt exploration beyond what is believed to be reality. IMHO, that’s always a good thing.

    I have had numerous mystical experiences. That noted, I must state that it was only in recent hindsight where I began to recognize these extraordinary experiences as being mystical.
    There’s something about a mystical experience; regardless of how unreal or surreal it may seem or how crazy you might feel in questioning yourself about the experience, it is not an experience that you readily forget. Mystical experiences are unbelievable, mysterious and evade any rational explanation. I believe it is the mystery, though, being a question in search of an answer, that sticks the experience to the person and the person to the experience. A mystery it seems, until it is answered, will float along in time never completely leaving one’s fringe of awareness from where it incessantly presses to be answered.

    I have come to recognize that the world our senses inform us is the ‘real world’ is an inversion of thought. Meaning that the world we perceive, including the seeming infinity of stories that comprise it, is interpreted by characters (you, me and others) in the stories to be reality. And what we’re not able to perceive through our senses, is considered to be nonreality. However, this perception and interpretation is inverted. In other words, what we believe to be real is not and what we believe does not exist is real.

    If we don’t believe what we cannot perceive as a tangible reality, how can that which is so abstract it is not perceivable, get our attention and let us know something exists beyond what is tangible? I suppose there are numerous ways but one way is the mystical experience. Another common way is through our dreams.

    There are many people who have mystical experiences that cannot be explained through the materialistic terms and beliefs they have at their disposal. And there is a large percentage of people that have these unexplainable experiences, that, to keep what’s believed to be real real, become quite inventive in ways to invalidate the experience. But there are many others that have mystical experiences (maybe not as dramatic as the one you shared), that hold beliefs that not only allow for these kinds of experiences, but provide interpretations for them as well. In any event, a person that has a mystical experience will interpret it through the filters of belief systems peculiar to them.

    With Love As Love
    I AM

    • Thanks for your comment, Monte. Yes, I agree – there’s something about the mystical that draws us, that gives us a glimpse into another reality that we cannot see with our natural eyes. Thank you for sharing your insight. πŸ™‚

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