Spirit Guides – Andrea’s Transformation

When I first met Andrea*, my spirit jumped and I was excited to help her. I couldn’t explain it by anything I could see with my eyes, but my spirit “knew” she was ready for a great breakthrough. During our first session together, she mentioned that she had spirit guides and that she received messages from them. I listened compassionately, then gently said to her, “I want to warn you. It can be very dangerous to communicate with spirit guides. I have heard some really terrible stories of people who were harmed by them. They seem to be friendly and helpful at first, but later they become pushy, wanting more and more control, especially if you’ve invited them in.”

Spirit Guides - Do we need them?

Spirit Guides - helpful or harmful?

She looked a little alarmed and said, “Well, I’ve never invited them in.” I simply nodded. I didn’t say more because I knew it wasn’t time yet. I asked about her spiritual background. She told me she had been raised in a Christian family that was very strict about church attendance. She didn’t like the way she was taught to fear God with a sense of judgment and condemnation. When she left home, she decided to leave the church and explore other forms of spirituality. This led her to the New Age belief system and developing a connection with her spirit guides.

Fear of Supernatural Evil

As we worked together over several months, she often had experiences related to fear and anxiety, especially fear of supernatural evil. I told her that my primary protection against fear of supernatural evil was to connect with God. I explained that my concept of God was not fearful and condemning, but rather loving and just. I told her God was someone I could trust to take care of me and was much more powerful than any form of evil. I could tell she was interested, but still cautious.

We worked through many of her fears and other issues using the exercises in this book. Little by little I saw a transformation in her. Her anxiety reduced, she started to love and accept who she was and had less stress. I encouraged her to open her heart to God and ask for His help. I encouraged her that He loved her and cared about everything that concerned her. She was still hesitant, but open to the idea.

A few weeks later, I saw a HUGE change in her. She told me, “I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. This week I opened my heart to God completely. I feel so much peace and I don’t feel alone anymore!” She was beaming as she spoke. I was thrilled.

Know God Know Peace

From that point on, her path became clearer and clearer. Every time we met, she had stories of how God was helping her deal with one thing after another. Her peace and confidence were increasing. I suggested that she read Victory Over the Darkness by Neil Anderson. She did and then she read the book that the author recommends after that one called, Steps to Freedom in Christ. This book includes very specific prayers to pray to be released from spiritual darkness. She prayed through every single one! By now the taste of freedom she had experienced made her long for more. She was eager for every drop she could get!

She realized that she needed to ask Jesus to forgive her for rejecting her Christian faith. She decided that she could disagree with the way she was taught, but still trust Him to guide her. She opened her heart to Jesus and began a relationship with Him. The next time we met, she told me she had experienced so many breakthroughs!

The supernatural realm was no longer as scary as it used to be

Here are some of them:

– the supernatural realm was no longer as scary as it used to be
– she stopped hearing from her spirit guides as much and their thoughts were less intrusive when she did hear them
– she felt validated for her spiritual discernment, that she’s “normal” and not weird
– her fear and anxiety substantially reduced in all areas of life
– she noticed her discernment was much more clear, instead of just feeling “something”, she had specific insight into what she was sensing
– her daughter was no longer scared at night (as she had been for years)
– she felt less needy and felt instead that she had something to offer others
– she found herself acting less self-centered
– people started spontaneously coming up to her and telling her their problems; she felt she was able to help them simply by listening with compassion
– her husband started showing an interest in spiritual things and wanted to go to church with her
– her relationship with her husband improved as she showed him respect
– she was sleeping better and had much fewer nightmares
– she had a strong sense of well-being and experienced so much peace that it was literally a physical sensation

Wow! So much change! It’s amazing what having a healthy, loving connection with God can do! Andrea’s life was changed completely. From then on, every time we met she had such peace. I remember when I first met her and how much anxiety she had. She is a completely different woman now! Even her children have thanked her for being their “rock” during a difficult time in their family.

It is such a pleasure to witness the spiritual transformation of another human being. I love to partner with God to help His children reconnect with His love.

A note for those who have spirit guides: One of the things Andrea discovered was that she didn’t need a different source of supernatural information other than God. As she drew closer to God and opened her heart to Him, she no longer needed her spirit guides. God provided direction, support and comfort to her – the things she used to get from her spirit guides. She noticed that sometimes her spirit guides said things to her that were disturbing or caused her a LOT of fear. This was not true with God – the things she heard from Him were always encouraging and reduced her fear or anxiety.

Do you have any examples of how your life changed as a result of developing a relationship with God or Jesus? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

*name changed to protect individual’s privacy

About Kingdom Walker

A woman seeking to understand the world around her - with grace and acceptance toward all. Discernment of the Supernatural Realm - Insight and experiences of the Unseen Realm from a Christian perspective. This blog: https://supernaturaldiscernment.com/

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  1. THANK YOU, Kingdom Walker, for such spiritually practical insights as in this post and throughout this invaluable blog. It gives permission for Christians to be honest about the full range of spiritual experiences they may have and what they may discern. It is so easy to censor things that worry us because of the fears and boundaries of others in church or be afraid of voicing them to family and friends in case of misunderstanding or ridicule. It is unfortunately not surprising that many people look for guidance and solace outside of churches that refuse to listen or label them as wrong for voicing such concerns.

    As a professional remedial and holistic massage therapist and Christian preacher, I have often encountered the danger of people experimenting with so-called ‘angels’ or ‘spirit guides’ due to bereavement and illness. It has been fashionable for therapists to add Reiki to the list of methods with which they can treat clients. Therapeutic Touch, a healing method widely used by nurses in a hospital environment, has similarly been criticised for deception of vulnerable patients by its use of supposedly ‘angelic’ or ‘spirit’ guides.

    There is so often an assumption in alternative healing groups that anything spiritual is positive and has the intention of promoting the wellbeing of the client/patient. Discernment of spirits, however, reveals the very real danger and naivety of this optimistic approach to spiritual matters. A way into the danger described in the blog post is when very well-meaning and likeable but misguided (literally!) therapists, frequently suggest that a vulnerable person receive healing via their contact with such ‘guides’ – i.e. demonic forces which often identify themselves as deceased relatives of the therapist or deceased healers. When a person is suffering the pain of loss after bereavement, is anxious about their health, or just desperately lonely and needing company, it is easy to agree with a pleasant person who offers them attention and hope.

    This whole blog provides much needed guidance and insights for Christians, who frequently avoid risking discussion of these aspects of spiritual warfare. Obviously, wisdom is needed about choosing the right person to give guidance and best time to discuss such spiritually-charged matters. Mature guidance is often difficult to find but we need to keep trying for the sake of our faith and spiritual journey. Spiritual Direction at a good Christian Retreat House (often linked with monasteries or convents) is frequently a better source than local churches and fellowships. Also, Anglican (UK)/Episcopal (US) church dioceses have diocesan deliverance advisors who are experienced in dealing with the darker side of spirituality yet aware of how difficult it can be for people to voice their fears. This is about spiritually defending yourself as a Christian and claiming back spiritual influence in this world.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ might have used different expressions, relating to a particular culture and time, but he was dealing with and describing the same spiritually dangerous realities as Kingdom Walker, for whose courage and commitment I praise God and pray for protection in this front-line ministry.

    • Gail, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your insight into how vulnerable people who are suffering are often misguided by therapists to look for spirit guides to help them or relieve their suffering. People ARE looking for answers, especially when they are desperate. I pray that they find the Peace and Comfort they need from the God of Love & Truth – He is not far from any of us. God bless you in the ministry you have of holistic massage – I am sure those who obtain your services derive great benefit. 🙂

  2. nixan panton Grant

    I’ve been walking with God for three years now. I feel so stuck – I want to experience God in a great way but I don’t know if I’m not allowing myself to be alive in him? I need help cause I am fearful of things.

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